28 Sep 2019–29 Sep 2019


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As a highly illustrated magazine, Pétunia presents artists’ proposals and texts in French or English. Pétunia’s issues are organised around subjective emergencies. Pétunia avoids using author’s texts as illustrations of a main topic chosen by the chief editors. There is no editorial or publisher’s statement. Each issue is autonomous, and does not connect with territorial issues and current matters or trends. There are no chapters or sections, but diverse textual forms, from theoretical texts to diary entries to pure fiction or comics, mostly concerning contemporary art.

The layout of Pétunia is an important part of each issue; its graphic design will be very present and proclaimed, working each time with a different graphic designer. Pétunia is an unclassified object that paradoxically affirms a strong identity in focusing foremost on the work of women critics, curators, artists . .

From this perspective, Pétunia is a feminist publication playing the game of affirmative action, as a response to the constant imbalance of the role and place of women in the art world.  Pétunia also reactivates — hopefully with nostalgia and humour — the forms of ideological engagement of women regarding art and critical production, while enriching its view of three decades of women studies, black studies, postcolonial studies and, of course, post-feminist studies.

Valerie Chartrain

Valerie Chartrain is a curator, editor, publisher and writer focusing on art, spirits, and probable futures. When not in the art world, she writes about spirits and curates knowledge in the wine and spirits industry while working as a strategic researcher for companies imagining their futures.

Lili Reynaud Dewar

Lili Reynaud Dewar is a French artist whose practice mainly takes the form of performances, sculptures, videos, and installations. The heterogeneous forms question identity issues; whether they relate to the status of women or dominated communities; the icons of cultural transgression inhabit her artistic reflection.

Dorothée Dupuis

Dorothée Dupuis is a French contemporary art curator, critic, and publisher focusing on the intersection of the arts, politics, feminism, Marxism, and postcolonialism. She founded the magazine Terremoto.mx in Mexico where she lives.