15 Jun–15 Jun

"Euromall" Day Program

Initiated by the Berlin-based music and art platform Creamcake, “Euromall” creates space for conversation. The series of two day-and-night events in Minneapolis aims to encourage the exchange across disciplines and experiences emerging from a belief in the possibilities of political organization and direct action.
The “Euromall” program showcases and reflects upon the ties between Europe and the United States today by spotlighting grassroots initiatives, cultural collaborations, and artistic practices emerging across borders.

“Euromall” Day Program

3–3.15pm Welcome
3.15–3.45pm Aleksandra Lakić: “How soon is the end of Europe as we know it?”
3.45–4.15 Rana Farahani & Anja Weigl: “Between satire and reality: Austria’s Ibiza affair”
4.15–4.45pm Break
4.45–5.15pm Anna Hankings-Evans: “The Law of Empathy”
5.15–5.45pm Steph Kretowicz: “Emotional Politics / How to Hug a House”
5.45–6.15pm Break
6.15–7.45pm Surabhi Saraf (sound performance)
7.45–8.30pm Open Round: The Politics of Emotion

Moderated by Aleksandra Lakić

Video Game Installation
Salim Bayri: “Road to Schengen”

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