16 Aug–17 Aug
10AM – 2PM

Bauhaus100 Bonanza Pop Up
Downtown Mpls Street Art Festival

The Bauhaus100 Bonanza Show (2019) celebrates the 100-year-anniversary of Bauhaus, the internationally influential German art school and cultural movement.

Join artist Lee Noble #OnNicollet between 6th and 7th streets as he explores connections between Minneapolis and Weimar, the city in which the influential art school and cultural movement was founded in 1919. Part of the Bauhaus100 Bonanza Show presented by the Goethe Pop Up Minneapolis. ​

Motivated by recently discovered Bauhaus traces in Minneapolis, Spiekermann and Noble are celebrating this anniversary in order to not only connect Weimar and Minneapolis, but to also research what Bauhaus means today.
Inspired by the attitude of interdisciplinarity and openness that was integral to the Bauhaus’s founding, the artists were drawn to the possibility of working with local public access, MTN, an inherently diverse medium predicated on access to communication technology.

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Bauhaus100 Bonanza Show