08 Oct–12 Oct
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Annette Wehrmann
Blumensprengungen (1992-95)

Blumensprengungen (1992-1995), a series of absurd little explosions in flower tubs and borders in downtown pedestrian areas and public green spaces.

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Annette Wehrmann

Annette Wehrmann (1961–2010) employed strategies of self-organization to develop a highly individual artistic stance – located somewhere between sculpture and intervention ­– that drew upon methods of conceptual and action art as well as the language of the Situationist International. Using ephemeral and cheap materials, she produced objects that explore critical tensions around major socio-political issues, dealing with topics such as money, religion, the brain, thinking, the city, the state, television and language.

The “Blumensprengungen” (Flower Blasts), which took place as actions in public space in Hamburg, are among her most famous works. Her photo series for this project is not only a documentation, but at the same time forms her own work complex.

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